10 Tools every social media marketer should have

Do you want to boost engagement as a social media marketer? If Yes then you have to try out the following tools which I see fit to boost your engagement.

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1. Newsfeed Burner:

We often open our newsfeed on Facebook with the aim of doing social media marketing and then found our selves scrolling through our newsfeed instead. to prevent that from happening all you have to do is install

Newsfeed Burner, a Chrome browser extension that hides your Facebook news feed.

After you click the browser extension’s button, your news feed disappears, you still have the option of getting back into Facebooks and pages. the upside is this, it also works on LinkedIn and Youtube.

2. Narro:

Worried about social media text transcription, worry no more because this app got that covered, it has a chrome browser extension and also an Android, iOS app that can easily convert a text article into an audio file.

Narro adds the audio file to your listening feed. You select from a number of male and female voices, and you can alter the speed to make the voice sound more natural.

3. TouchRetouch:

TouchRetouch is a cool tool for mobile picture-takers who want to edit things out of their photos such as a photo bomber or utility lines.


The TouchRetouch app, available for iOS and Android, is incredibly easy to use. After you open a photo in the app, you select a brush or selection tool and run your finger over the object or line you want to remove.

The tools create a mask over the undesirable image content, and the app analyzes what’s around the masked area and wipes it out. Although the analysis isn’t 100% perfect, the app does a pretty good job of removing what you mask.

4. Markticle:

With Markticle, you can bookmark online articles and mark your progress so you can pick up right where you left off. With the notes and sharing features, you can also share your comments about specific content in the article through Facebook or Twitter.

Markticle is available as a Chrome extension and Android app. After you install Markticle, open the article you want to read, select the text where you’re leaving off, and press M to mark that text. You then have the option to leave a note or share the article.

Markticle is a free resource.

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5. Todobook:

With Todobook, the to-do list doesn’t sync with a task management system. Instead, you enter your own list of to-do items. Then you’ll need to mark the day’s items as done before Todobook will display your Facebook news feed. Although the to-do list blocks your news feed, you can still work in your Facebook groups and pages.

If you’re a social media marketer who’s easily distracted by the Facebook news feed, this app can help you accomplish your top three or four priorities in your Facebook groups or pages. Of course, technically you can mark tasks as done and move to your news feed without actually completing the tasks, but the to-do list can help you focus if you’re disciplined about how you use it.

Find Todobook in the Chrome store.

Todobook is a free plugin.

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